Nijmegen based dj Camiel is playing house and techno music for quite a while now. At the age of 15 he got fascinated by dancemusic, its endless rhythms and driving energy. At that time it was mainly hiphouse from recordlabels like DJ International, new beat and the pre rave techno/house-sound of labels like R&S and Music Man that caught his attention. The more he got into the music the more he wanted to experience the magic of mixing records. A turntable, tapedeck and a simple mixer were enough to develop the basics of mixing. A little later Camiel started DJing at a small underground club, soon playing there every Saturday night, learning how to interact with the crowd, learning how to create an upliftin’ atmosphere.

While developing his skills further on Camiel got himself some better equipment and started to edit records and to produce so called megamixes. A weekly dancemixshow at a pirate radiostation in Belgium followed, as also did two releases for one of the major Belgian independent record labels at that time (Antler-Subway).

In 1992 Camiel moved from the south of the Netherlands to Nijmegen in the east. He worked his way up in the local scene and became resident at the famous Club Extravaganza parties. Inspired by dj’s like Derrick Carter and Kevin Saunderson and music from recordlabels like Prescription, Cajual and Planet E, Camiel developed more and more his own style. Today his style still is rooted in Chicago en Detroit housemusic, incorporating music from European labels like Playhouse, Music for Freaks, Prime Numbers, Rush Hour, Ostgut Ton and Creme Organisation. However playing true house and techno music undoubtably is Camiel’s trademark, probably most important is his ability to stay in touch with the crowd, to respond to the atmosphere and to anticipate by choosing the right record for the right moment. That’s what DJing is about in Camiel’s opinion.

This ability and attitude while staying true to housemusic at the same time has resulted in numerous dj bookings over the years. This has brought Camiel to many clubs, parties and festivals, ranging from small underground parties in Nijmegen/NL to the beaches of Egypt.