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Camiel @ 4 Daagse / Four Days Marches summer festival Nijmegen

Published on 15 July 2016 By discocircus

The Nijmegen 4daagse (Four Days Marches) summer festival is about to start and I’ll be playing at three parties: Saturday July 16th: Camiel b2b Mark Wanders @ Valkhof Festival (Club Voerweg) Nijmegen Saturday July 16th: Camiel @ LUX Nijmegen Wednesday July 20th: Camiel @ Doornroosje, Nijmegen Acid, house & techno from ’88 till now!

Camiel @ LUX Nijmegen July 18th

Published on 19 June 2015 By discocircus

After playing b2b with Mark Wanders at Valkhof Festival Camiel’s heading to Lux for even more classics! Set times 23.00-01.00 & 03.00 – 04.00 hrs. From 01.00 – 0.300 hrs Steve Cop (B) ! Saturday July 18th, Lux Nijmegen

July 15th: Camiel @ LUX Nijmegen

Published on 11 July 2014 By discocircus

Camiel will be playing @ LUX Nijmegen on Tuesday July 15th 2014. No house classics set this year but the best of today’s house music! Set times 23.40 – 00.20 hrs and 02.00 – 03.00 hrs. JM Jackmaster and Muska are also performing this night. More info: www.lux-nijmegen.nl/4daagse

New bookings

Published on 29 May 2014 By discocircus

Camiel has been booked for dj sets at Café de Plak, LUX and Walk on/Old Cave during Nijmegen’s Four Day Walking Event. More info at this page.

Pictures Camiel @ LUX & Cafe de Plak (4 days marches)

Published on 31 July 2013 By discocircus

Pictures taken July 13th 2013 at LUX Theatre and Cafe de Plak in Nijmegen.

Camiel @ LUX (4 Days Marches Parties)

Published on 7 July 2013 By discocircus

The Nijmegen Four Days Marches summer festival is about to take off and this year Camiel will be playing at two events! Traditionally on the first night of the  festivities Camiel will be playing at LUX Theatre together with the one and only dj Pure. Expect the finest and fattest house, acid and techno classics […]

Camiel @ LUX Nijmegen. April 29th 2013

Published on 15 April 2013 By discocircus

Koninginnenacht. Classics. Old. New. Acid. House. Detroit. Techno. Chicago. Jack. Nijmegen. Extravaganza. Camiel. Pure. Hansz. Lux. Nijmegen. 29-04-2013. 23.00

4 Days Marches Nijmegen: Camiel @ LUX & Old Cave

Published on 13 July 2012 By discocircus

Nijmegen is warming up for the yearly summer festivals, taking off this Saturday. And that means many indoor and outdoor parties for sure! Camiel will be playing at two events this year: Saturday July 14th: Nachtdansen @ LUX.  Camiel teams up with Pure (Peter Acid!) with a fine selection of house and techno, both classics […]

4 Days Marches: Camiel @ LUX Theatre & Old Cave

Published on 12 July 2011 By discocircus

Within a few days it’s time again for Nijmegen’s yearly event, the Four Days Marches. Festivities take place from Saturday July 16th until Friday the 22nd. Camiel will be playing twice this week: > Saturday the 16th @ LUX Theatre > Monday the 18th @ the Old Cave Be there when you’re into jackin’ house, […]