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Camiel’s schedule Vierdaagsefeesten

Published on 11 July 2019 By discocircus

Catch Camiel dj’ing during this year’s Vierdaagsefeesten in Nijmegen at: Saturday July 13 – Valkhof Festival Houseclassix @ Club Voerweg wb2b ith Mark Wanders from 22.00 hrs after dj Pure Sunday July 14 – Cafe De Plak Golestan X The Low End With Yash, Shipwrec (upstairs) and Die Wilde Jagd and Reza Athar (basement); from […]

Releaseparty Galatea EP @ Merleyn 10-9-2016

Published on 7 September 2016 By discocircus

The release of the forthcoming Galatea EP will be celebated at Merleyn in Nijmegen, Saturday September 10th. The first Galatea release features tracks by Daan & Luuk, Kaan Duzarat, Cem G and Camiel. Releasedate 24th of September. Label: Nijmegen imprint Shipwrec. The Galatea series is a project by Alex Jansen in cooperation with Ferdinand Maks […]

Boilerroom Upfront: Camiel mixes Shipwrec

Published on 5 July 2016 By discocircus

This says it all ;-)  ” Shipwrec family member, DJ Camiel, gives you an exclusive look into the label’s immediate future and unearths a multitude of unreleased gems ” https://boilerroom.tv/upfront/upfront-074-shipwrec/

Shipwrec, label of the month at Resident Advisor

Published on 31 May 2016 By discocircus

Shipwrec is label of the month at Resident Advisor. Check out the feature and get to know more about this Nijmegen based imprint, run by Ferdi Makx. Also featured a mix of recent and upcoming Shipwrec releases, compiled and mixed by me ;-) Hope you’ll like it!

Camiel @ Shipwrec’s internet radioshow (Intergalactic FM)

Published on 28 April 2013 By discocircus

May 1st Camiel’s mixing live and direct from Nijmegen at Intergalactic FM. The show, hosted by Nijmegen based Shipwrec Records, takes place between 22.00 – 23.00 hrs CET. Shipwrec radioshow features djs and live acts from or somehow related to Nijmegen. To enjoy the show tune in at www.intergalacticfm.com (IFM 1: Murder Capital FM)